Monday, December 19, 2011

What is love? Where is love?

What is love? A feeling, an emotion or maybe is love is just a passion on the obsession brink.

Though the logic would be to define and later, seek to look where it can see, in this case love. I think that the first ask could be: where is love?, in air, in food, in the pollution.

Where is love? Is a question that we take to think in how and when we feel love? Is in this point where show up "The other". And the other does possible to arrive the answer for where is love?.

In mi opinion love is in the connection physical and emotional between two persons, though sometimes are more than two. For now, I haven't found the answer for this problem.

Of this way, love is the response to the presence of other, though this presence is not necessarily physical.


  1. cesar! are you in love in this moment? your description of love give me that sensation...
    and... where is love?? I think that in all places!

  2. I think that you also need to ask you where is the love that is not romantic? In everywhere! :)
    Don't forget that we MUST dance soon!