Monday, January 30, 2012

End of the world? Your decision.

Speaking about the origin of the world is complicated, given that there are several theories about it. At this point science and religion have never been able to reach an agreement.

End of the world is other of the topic or point in which science and religion will never reach an agreement. In this discussion there are many more actors that in the origin of the world. Here are the religious beliefs, superstitions, prophecy and belief systems of different cultures.

The Maya culture is one case; they mention an intern transformation in the human species like consequence of the transformation of the galaxy. The year 2012 isn’t the end of the world, physical and materially speaking, but that is the end of an era and the beginning of another, the age of knowledge.

In my opinion, the end of the world will be a responsibility of human species, product of the wars and nuclear arms that hasn’t fixed beforehand. The other possibility is that a large meteorite hit the planet, so strong that it destroyed forever.

I imagine the end of the world like an erupting volcano, with high temperature, lots of wind and the planet earth breaking little by little. Some people running desperate and other quiet contemplating what happens. I will run desperate at first to feel the adrenaline and later I will look quietly all as happens.

If the world ended, what would I do this year? I think that for my case, you all know the answer to this question. I will dance salsa all the time and I would do a course of diving.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Environment and I

The care of the environment is a topic that at least in Chile, only recently has been given the importance and urgency it deserves. Even created the Ministry of the Environment, which has actually been change into the CONAMA (National Environment Commission) that has been assigned new roles and been renamed, but this is not for now the focus of attention.

Where do people learn about enviromentally friendly practices? Have now been incorporated into the information content of education which realizes the importance of the environment and care, but I think not taught practices, actions or manner of care.

Some time ago I do not use a bike often because I have no bike in Santiago, but still walked a lot.And also I have no car, only use it when necessary for my work.

I have never joined or supported directly or with money to any eco-organization, but I am aware oftheir reports, news, or recommendations on ways to conserve and protect the environment, to live ina sustainable world.

What I do is eco-bricks, garbage deposited in authorized places only and do not throw garbage on the street for example, no matter how small the waste, separating cardboard, plastic and glasstrash.

The activities or actions that I do to reduce my carbon footprint is to eat healthy, especially fruits, exercising consistently, taking care of water resources and energy, above all, use as little gas as possible. What I would like to do is create a recycling company, so working to build a sustainable world, while generating economic resources. Recycle all waste from the food courts.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The senses of life

Wondering about the meaning of life can be a little tedious for some, even for my at times. I think that depending on the mood we find, is the attitude with which we confront this answer.

It isn’t easy to ask, but neither changed it into a hard question. The point is that makes us think, it hasn’t an automatic answer or generalizations, but each answer depends of each person.

There may be as many senses of life as persons exist in the world.
I think that the sense of life is a constant search, a search to find happiness and to find you in it. Or is a search to find oneself and through this process, access to happiness. These processes aren’t linear, but can be parallel and complementary.

Considering this, for me the sense of life is just to feel alive, to be the actor of my own life. The sense of life is to do as what you want, whenever and wherever you want, without invading the freedom of others. Is to feel you’re alive and not just because of breathing. To breathe is a mechanic act, to live is to live, is feeling, is to be more that a skeletal or an structure around of nerve and meat.

The sense of life is to BE, and here begins the dilemma, to be or not to be. Some consider that to be is to be perceived, therefore, if we aren’t in contact with others is a bit complicated, feel what we are and that we are alive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charities, between rhetoric and reality

The problem that is shown in this report is that Charities that provide public services are unwilling to speak out in behalf of social injustice, because they are afraid of challenging the governmental policies, because could be reprisals like losing their funding.

The huge cuts in public funding make that the voluntary sector have to struggle with censoring their public utterances, so they couldn’t have reprisals from local authorities and central government funders. Then, they couldn’t have to chose between help the client group or been able to speak out on their behalf.

This organizations need to know that if they make some critics or present some challenges to the government policies will not be a reprisals, said the panel which includes several of the voluntary sector's most respected names. Also, they said that some Conservatives are beginning to question the right of charities funded by the state to speak out against government policies.

The shadow charities minister, Gareth Thomas said that (prime minister) David Cameron's “big society” agenda was an illusion and these reports emphasize the breach between rhetoric and reality for community groups and charities of big funding cuts, job losses and lack of independence.

In this way, the chair of the Independence Panel, Dame Anne Owers, said that government of all political parties have emphasize the importance of Charities, but more than an out of focus appreciation for a “big society”. They need to recognize this sector in a real way: its independence, uniqueness and ability to speak out from experience.

If you want to read the original article, go to this link:

Monday, January 2, 2012

...something woke up in me...

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn`t know exactly what it was, but that morning along with open my eyes, something woke up in me.

One thing I was sure, I felt again, I returned to feel life through the skin and not only what my eyes were able to see.

A strange sensation, it was like if I still was in the place where I stayed part of the night. I still felt the perfume, music and my body took the rhythm. My blood ran faster than regular, my heart and my respiration not followed the normal cycle.

Was in this moment when I noticed that I wasn’t in the same place of before. I went from being standing to being leaning, past of feeling many perfumes and scent to concentrate in only one, of seeing many people around to seeing all disappeared included the around, it haven´t anything over than the two meters of distance that surround my body. My sight was still cloudy, but not for the smoke but for the fantasy, imagination takes over my eyes, my mind and my senses.

However, I still felt music and still carried the rhythm and already the night was disappearing.

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn`t know exactly what it was, but I’m still walking to see what it was that woke me up that morning.