Monday, January 16, 2012

The senses of life

Wondering about the meaning of life can be a little tedious for some, even for my at times. I think that depending on the mood we find, is the attitude with which we confront this answer.

It isn’t easy to ask, but neither changed it into a hard question. The point is that makes us think, it hasn’t an automatic answer or generalizations, but each answer depends of each person.

There may be as many senses of life as persons exist in the world.
I think that the sense of life is a constant search, a search to find happiness and to find you in it. Or is a search to find oneself and through this process, access to happiness. These processes aren’t linear, but can be parallel and complementary.

Considering this, for me the sense of life is just to feel alive, to be the actor of my own life. The sense of life is to do as what you want, whenever and wherever you want, without invading the freedom of others. Is to feel you’re alive and not just because of breathing. To breathe is a mechanic act, to live is to live, is feeling, is to be more that a skeletal or an structure around of nerve and meat.

The sense of life is to BE, and here begins the dilemma, to be or not to be. Some consider that to be is to be perceived, therefore, if we aren’t in contact with others is a bit complicated, feel what we are and that we are alive.


  1. I like so much your post! The tittle is very cleaver "the senses of life". In fact, life has many different senses... one of them, as you say, is to feel alive.

  2. you are very mystic cesar! I like your way of understanding the life!

    But I hate you. Is very complicated to talk about the "sense of life".

  3. yeah it's true, you are mystical man!

    The last part of your post remembering me a quote from some cartoon "I can’t stop being, being it's the best thing I can do"... not remember what cartoon exactly