Monday, January 23, 2012

Environment and I

The care of the environment is a topic that at least in Chile, only recently has been given the importance and urgency it deserves. Even created the Ministry of the Environment, which has actually been change into the CONAMA (National Environment Commission) that has been assigned new roles and been renamed, but this is not for now the focus of attention.

Where do people learn about enviromentally friendly practices? Have now been incorporated into the information content of education which realizes the importance of the environment and care, but I think not taught practices, actions or manner of care.

Some time ago I do not use a bike often because I have no bike in Santiago, but still walked a lot.And also I have no car, only use it when necessary for my work.

I have never joined or supported directly or with money to any eco-organization, but I am aware oftheir reports, news, or recommendations on ways to conserve and protect the environment, to live ina sustainable world.

What I do is eco-bricks, garbage deposited in authorized places only and do not throw garbage on the street for example, no matter how small the waste, separating cardboard, plastic and glasstrash.

The activities or actions that I do to reduce my carbon footprint is to eat healthy, especially fruits, exercising consistently, taking care of water resources and energy, above all, use as little gas as possible. What I would like to do is create a recycling company, so working to build a sustainable world, while generating economic resources. Recycle all waste from the food courts.

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